I dedicate this column to all you soccer moms who have given up so much of yourselves to insure and protect the security and sanctity of your lives.

At every crossroad of life you have made the most logical decisions. You picked the right man, you are the proud mother of two beautiful children, you chose the best schools, the best neighborhood and you even have a great job that is not too stressful. All is right with the world. You crown yourself"Super Woman of the Year " Then one day you start thinking. "I have cared for everyone for years, when is it going to be my turn?" "I have secrets I can no longer hold inside of me."

The next thing you know, sitting quietly at the dinner table without the kids, like a bolt out if the blue you tell your husband that the desire to become intimate with another woman is all you think about. You wait for a reaction. If appalled by the notion, you are in trouble. It may take days, weeks, months or even years to convince him that it has nothing to do with him and this "threat" to his ego is unfounded. Men can be children sometimes. If he has a sly little smile on his face, it is time to celebrate.

Hold it. Not so fast. The time to celebrate comes later. The ground rules have to be laid out. Do you want this encounter with or without your man around? Can he get involved if you OK his presence? What if the object of your affection is also married? What role, if any, will the other husband play in the melodrama? Finally, the most damaging of questions: What if your friends and family find out let alone business associates? It is not as easy as you may think and the answers could cause you to back off and not pursue you fantasy.

These hard questions must be asked and answered to both your satisfactions before you figure out how to go about finding another woman.

OK You are all set. The Q & A process is complete. You are ready to go out and find a woman outside your home town. The dating sites are great for this. Set your parameters and start searching. It may take a bit of time typing away at your PC before both parties are comfortable enough to meet face to face. With any luck your encounter will be successful. If not try, try again.

Without sounding too self promoting, you attend one of our Wild Women Vacations events. This removes the time factor and there will be many women to choose from or better yet it is very possible that many women will choose you. Since everybody is there basically for the same purpose, the chances are relatively high that your long standing desires will be fulfilled. I would have to say that during any single event, our soccer moms will represent 30% - 50% of our guests and they tend to become our most loyal clients. We have seen husband/wife relationships rekindled with passion, trust and a new respect for each other. It is always great to receive those thank you e-mails and phone calls.

Love and Understanding
Beth has been a "guru" for Bicurious women for over eight years.

She and her husband own and operate, Wild Women Vacations, of Las Vegas, which provides events and vacations catering to the Bi and Bicurious community, in safe and secure environments. Beth grew up in New Orleans, where as a teenager, discovered she was equally attracted to men and women and developed an understanding of her sexuality. She has explored the Bi lifestyle and helped many others come to "find themselves" and feel comfortable with being intimate with both genders.

When dealing with human sexuality the number of issues and relationships are almost endless. The mission of her advice column is to answer many questions women have dealing with their bisexuality.

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